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Why do I need a dog walker?

Eight hours is a long time to go without a potty break! If you're at work all day, your dog is bored and may develop bad (or destructive) habits. In the heat of the Houston summer, most dogs are inside, not getting any exercise. If you want to leave your dog outside in the morning, we can walk him/her midday and leave him inside during the heat of the afternoon. When you get home, your dog may allow you some time to unwind before demanding his evening walk! $25 per 30-minute visit (up to two dogs) + $5 per additional dog + $10 for additional 15 minutes


What are my options if I'm going out of town?

If you have cats or mature dogs, HBC can visit your house as many times a day as you need. Typically cats need once or twice a day; dogs without a dog door at least three times (morning, early dinner, and bedtime). This is a good option only for short trips. $25 per 30-minute visit (up to two dogs) + $5 per additional dog

If you're not comfortable with your pets being home alone overnight, HBC can spend the night at your house. We'll be there at least from 10 pm to 7 am, longer if our schedule allows. Dogs will be exercised in the evening when we arrive and, in the morning before we leave. We can visit in the middle of the day for $25. $100 per night for up to two dogs + $10 per additional dog


How does pet transport work?

HBC can deliver and/or return your pet from the vet, groomer, or other location. The meter starts running when we pick up your pet (within our service area) and ends when we turn him over to your designated person or bring him home. Minimum charge $25 for 30 minutes ($10 for each additional 15 minutes) plus $1 per mile


We handle all types of special requests! 

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